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Subscribe to our blog by email! View 1 comment. Actually, to be accurate I found Ellie way too melodramatic. In the beginning, I kinda thought she was a bit overly dramatic but I felt sorry for her. She was in a crappy situation after all. But as the story unfolded I found her just rather stubborn and way spoilt. I mean she is complaining about money but she was in this spot because of her choices. Which by the way I find ridiculous and selfish. The way this dealt with money, was a condescen 2.

The way this dealt with money, was a condescending and also the sums aren't small, but in the end, none of it was a big deal. Which took away from the actually quite cute story and the sweetness of Fin, mr. So while it was entertaining, it has some rather over the top moments and is also quite cliche.

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Still fun read Sep 02, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: new-adult-book , abrupt-ending , college-romance , book-boyfriend , hea , alpha-male , virgin , release-date , arc-read , mature-ya-story. I enjoyed reading this book but it didn't WOW me. I felt like something was missing, but I can't really put my finger in what that is. I was definitely intrigued with the storyline of this book Which I of course found very refreshing. Yes it is a NA book with most of the same components we see in this genre but the storyline was unique in itself. I really didn't see that in this book.

Yes there are some sarcastic comments made that made me giggle but nothing that made me laugh out loud, but that was okay I didn't go into this book expecting it to be a laugh out loud funny book. Based on the synopsis I expected a dramatic romance and that's what we got. I like the writing style of this book and the flow of the story.

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I think the only real thing that I found difficult with this book was the length of it.. I felt it dragged a little bit. I would've liked more of the love story to take center stage or even if the whole poker aspect would have come out more. I felt that some of the stuff we learn at the end of the book could've come out sooner, which would've shorten the book and taken away some if the extra information we didn't really need.

As for the characters in the book He definitely made my bbf list and really made this book for me. He is a misunderstood person throughout most of the book, but he is so sweet and caring when he finally opened himself up. My heart melted for the love he had for his family. I can't say to much about that bc it kind gives things away ;.

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As for Ellie She wasn't annoying like other heroines we read about but I guess to me she was so up and down. I appreciated the fact that she wanted to be independent and provide for herself. But she was so everything was black and white. She thought that if she let her family help her that she wouldn't be independent.

And it was this thinking that got her in the trouble she was in with Fin in the beginning. Plus I didn't understand why she didn't fight harder when she told Fin that the debt that was owed to him wasn't hers. I guess we wouldn't have had a story then.. I did enjoy the banter between Fin and Ellie I do like that Fin and Ellie took time to get to know each other and progressed as friends before moving into more. I also liked how respectful Fin was to Ellie regarding her virginity.

Fin was a player and had been with many women, but it was never about a hookup with Ellie and I loved that. I also liked the people they came out to be at the end of this story.

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As for the secondary characters I thought they were fantastic. Each of these characters added such great support to Ellie and Fin. I actually would love to see a story written about all of these characters.. I don't think their stories are over. I would recommend this book if you are looking for a NA contemporary romance with a different storyline to it. This book was a refreshing change of pace. Reviewed for www.

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I read a majority of this book with a huge smile on my face. The author did a fantastic job! The book flowed and the banter between Fin and Ellie was hysterical and at times hot as hell!!! The book grabbed me with the first sentence and I seriously could not put this baby down. I love a book that is filled with humor and tons of flirting and this one was defiantly full of it.

Lets not forget I am an angst whore and this one had that going on too. Lets talk about the two main characters for a second. I can not tell you how much I fell head over heels with both of them. I loved Ellie. She had three over protective brothers and she came from a pretty sheltered life until college.

She let them decide pretty much what was best for her until Fin entered her life. He had a rough childhood and had to grow up before his time.

Over and over and over. The chemistry between them is undeniable. Can they leave misunderstandings behind them and be together or will they let circumstances stand in their way? You are going to have to read it to find out. I loved her three brothers and their protective ways and I would love to read a book or two about them. If you are looking for a story that will have you smiling and laughing than click this baby. You will not be disappointed. Ellie Harris just found out her college roommate has stolen her identity and her furniture.

A hot college guy, Fin Hunter, is at her dorm asking for seven thousand dollars that supposedly she owes him. The money is from an online poker game. Ellie has no idea how to play poker and can't believe her roommate has done this to her. She agrees to pay part of it to Fin by working for him until she can get the rest of the money. Everyone in college knows Fin. This includes a couple of her overprotectiv Ellie Harris just found out her college roommate has stolen her identity and her furniture.

This includes a couple of her overprotective brothers. Ellie wants to be independent. She has refused help from her parents and her brothers before. She has no idea how to pay back the money she owes Fin especially when he tells her what the money is for. Ellie and Fin become close and the more time they spend together, the more they want to be together.

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This is a YA book. It had me laughing from the first chapter.

I liked the story. The heroine is not damaged and she has great brothers.