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It is very important that you establish personal and relational boundaries with your loved one in order to maintain your own mental and emotional health.

Smith College Department of Psychology. How do I know if I am a Hoarder?

The Psychology of Clutter, Hoarding, OCD

Can you answer YES to these questions? Does your kitchen or a room in your home look similar to the picture above? Have you stopped inviting people into your home because of the clutter?

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Are you experiencing financial problems from spending money on items you do not use? Are you able to sleep in your bedroom? Eat in your kitchen or dining room?

Do you have more than four animals living inside your home? Have family members or friends told you they are concerned about your living conditions? Is it difficult for you to throw anything away? Do you collect many different things such as newspapers, dolls, purses, model cars, books?

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Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out

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Hoarding to Fill Emptiness: How to Tell if Spiritual Lack is Causing Clutter Accumulation

What can we learn from the kitchens and carrots study? What happens to our cortisol levels with clutter? Does science show clutter decreases happiness? How does clutter affect our and our kids focus and concentration? How did Tracy discover her dad was a hoarder? When it comes to clutter, are we just lazy and disorganized? Is clutter an emotional issue? What are the seven emotional blocks to clutter?

What can clutter tell us room by room? What can we learn from clutter in our kitchen? What can we learn from clutter in our entryway?

Open Exchange Article – Hypnotherapy To Treat Clutter & Hoarding

What we learn from clutter in our living room? What secrets do our bedrooms hold? What do we need to know about our garages and attics?