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Donald Trump defends decision to abandon Kurdish allies in Syria. Avoid firecrackers, says environment minister. Then throws in an option.

Killing Fields of Balochistan

Pak fully compliant with 1 of 40 FATF recommendations, says status report. Happy birthday Gauri Khan: Check out her 10 pics with family. Casting coup: Janhvi to work with father Boney Kapoor for the first time. I am just sharing the concerns and apprehensions expressed in several world capitals over the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo, a breakaway Albanian Muslim majority province of Serbia. Normally a distant Muslim province of two million people of which 10 percent are Orthodox Christian Serbs should not bother us.

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So far, it has certainly not bothered the government of India and our Great Political Parties. However, history has put the Balkan people, especially the Serbs, at the cruces of civilisations. The Turks finally defeated the patriotic Serbs at the battle of Kosovo in and began its advance into European heartland.

The Serbs have never got over it, as most patriotic Indians cannot forget the dubious defeat of Prithwiraj Chauhan at the Second Battle of Tarain.

Serbia was the most advanced segment of Eastern Europe. The Turks patronised the pliable Bosnians and converted them to Islam and persecuted the Orthodox Christians in Serbia.

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The last gasps of the Cold War initiated the disintegration of Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia; Bosnia-Herzegovina- ; Montenegro and now the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo on February 18, , when the territory is still under UN administration. The proud Serbs are yet to forget the bloody bites of history. European historiographers agree: the Serbs do not forget their history.

Sarajevo in Bosnia had sparked off the First World War. Sarajevo was the scene of several important battles between Allied resistance fighters and the Germans in World War II.

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These new ethno-religious states are somewhat like the creation of Israel after unplanned withdrawal of British mandate in , and the creation of Pakistan after their planned escape from India in Creation of new nations based on religion and redrawing national boundaries of several states had started after the First World War.

After the Second World Order, the Big Powers assumed this task as a matter of international policing privilege. Kosovo had been on the boil since These very pro-jihad forces had also interfered in Bosnia. Kosovo has not only committed a crime against Serbia by unilaterally breaking away; it has also committed a crime against the UN by flouting its mandate under transparent encouragement of the US and its major allies, France, Britain and Germany.

Fulcrum of evil

These countries have already recognised the illegitimate country and its illegal government. Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has said Kosovo's declaration of independence was illegal and illegitimate. Speaking at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, he said those who had recognised Kosovo had set a dangerous precedent.

Condemning the positioning of a EU Mission in Kosovo as an act of flagrant violation international law, he said: "By the actions of some European member-states, every would-be ethnic or religious separatist across Europe and around the world has been provided with a tool kit on how to achieve recognition. For more than a half century the ISI has been operating to achieve such goals. ISI was quick to step in to stoke insurgencies in these areas by providing inspirations and weapons.

All its activities were in the nature of proxy wars. Thereafter, sponsoring subversion became a standard policy. Soon it was to morph into promotion of terrorism. The Khalistan imbroglio also owed much to the machinations of ISI though it must be added that the ISI was never in total comfort with the Sikhs or believed that a war of liberation could be started in Punjab.

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The Khalistan idea is dead today but there can be no doubt that ISI will try to revive it should the scenario in Punjab deteriorate. ISI has succeeded in the intelligence encirclement of India through linkages in Nepal and Bangladesh. Through support to Madrassa education and Jehadi minded groups, it seeks to convert the nationalism of Indian Muslims into trans-Arab Islamism.

The Saudi effort to disseminate Wahabism worldwide helps this effort. ISI funds a number of websites to carry forward such propaganda and indoctrination. Talibanisation of Bangla Desh is proving to be a great asset for it. The author points out that the symptoms of Jehadi infection in India are becoming all too visible. These include formation of underground tanzeems, infiltration of Madrassas and prominent religious institutions, collaboration between Mafia dons and ISI operatives, growth of Wahabi religious organizations and NGOs, proliferation of secret modules, rapid retaliatory and preemptive responses to perceived acts of injustice etc.

The author claims personal knowledge about several individuals being picked from India for training in Afghanistan and Pakistan with Arab Afghans who, on return, set up secret Jehadi modules. It should, however, be noted that vast numbers of Indian Muslims reject the Jehadi philosophy but the ISI does not get deterred.

It was quick to take a ringside seat in the operations and became the coordinator and distributor of war materials received from US, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc. To them, Jehad in Afghanistan was not only for the purpose of expelling the Soviets from the country, but, more important, to strengthen the staunch Islamic base in Afghanistan. Not long after, Pakistani rulers and sections of civil society started identifying with Jehadist world programme of Al Qaeda.

Quiet Revolution in Bangladesh : Security Concerns for India

Taking a lead from the Marxist theory of spontaneous revolutions by the proletariat, the two embarked on the concept of spontaneous Jehad by Muslims all over. The modus operandi was to collaborate with fundamental Tanzeems and Madrassas and to train their Jehadi volunteers in camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Though many Muslim majority areas felt the need to carve out a new identity through religion as in Bosnia and Kosovo, ISI and pro Al Qaeda groups stepped in with messages of Jehad and weapons, hoping to convert the spurt towards a nationalist identity into an Islamist one. The Pakistani link is common to almost all the Islamist organizations that have gained prominence in recent times. An opportunity has also been seen in the Islamic resurgence in Europe.