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Washington wore his French and Indian War uniform to the Second Continental Congress to demonstrate his military prowess — he was the only man to show up in uniform. It won him the leadership of the Continental Army and eventually, the presidency. Coolidge used to dress up in Indian garb for photo ops. JFK used his speechwriters to write hundreds of jokes for his Gridiron Dinner speech in That means we, as voters, have to be especially alert when it comes to gauging image. Roger Ailes, a great campaign strategist with Reagan and H.

This person has good-looking hair; that person has no hair. This person should lose weight; that one should gain weight. We look at all these parts of people, but then we quickly perceive the person in totality. All of those impressions of your various parts will have been blended into one complete composite picture, and the other person will have a feeling about you based on that total impression. Enough of that image has to be working in your favor for you to be liked, accepted, and given what you want.

Lopez: Can John McCain remake himself as young and conservative? If he can channel that angry vivacity into something resembling an upbeat geniality, he can overcome the fact that his hair is white and he stoops. In fact, over the course of 19th century, the average president was elected at age During the 20th century, the average age of elected presidents remained The television era, surprisingly, increased the average age of victorious presidential candidates; since , our presidents have been elected at the average age of Obama has more of an age problem than McCain, in many ways.

His image is that of a maverick, which is great when it comes to the independents and Democrats. Shapiro: He definitely helps her.

When Hillary attacks other candidates, she seems shrill. Allowing Bill to defend her is great strategy. More articles. Previous articles. Take notes, campaign managers. Kathryn Jean Lopez: So, is image everything?

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Lopez: Where does policy and experience fall? Lopez: Who is the best image candidate of all time? What shall we do with them? George B. McClellan Army of the Potomac Milk them.

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Lincoln Lincoln used his positives to his advantage — and he minimized his biggest disadvantage, his looks, by growing that iconic beard. Lopez: Does the candidate with the best image always win? Lopez: Could Fred Thompson ever win in this environment? Lopez: Do you feel silly talking about these things? Lopez: The best advice for the candidates? Most Popular. White House. By Mairead McArdle. Senator Ben Sasse offered the strongest criticism yet from a Senate Republican of President Trump's suggestion that China investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's son's business dealings.

If the Biden kid broke laws by selling Read More. By David French. I don't think it's possible to fully grasp the Ukraine scandal without understanding the dynamic outlined by former homeland security adviser Thomas Bossert last weekend. They're facing charges.

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By Jonah Goldberg. Yes, there are those who think Trump was delivered to us by God and that his decisions and actions are imbued with divine providence and authority. But that sort of stuff is taking the word By Matthew Continetti. Democrats are rushing into impeachment despite the knowledge that, given what we know now, the Senate will not remove Donald Trump from office. Why is Nancy Pelosi doing this?

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Published Nashville : Thomas Nelson, c Language English View all editions Prev Next edition 3 of 3. Author Shapiro, Ben.

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Physical Description p. In the discussion of height, he said that Bush senior didn't resort to meanness toward Dukasis. The repeated clips of Dukasis in the tank did the trick. We all know Ronald Reagan was elected in spite of his age, but many think that his vigor and acuteness were exaggerated. Many of us remember how he was unable to answer questions during Iran Contra hearings, claiming not to remember.

However, his assessment of Bob Dole was right on the money. On the plus side, this book whetted my appetite to read more about earlier presidential races.

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Even before TV and the hour news cycle, optics were still a factor. Jul 25, Jennifer rated it it was ok. I liked this one. Kind of took you through the psyche of the American public as far as how we vote, and it is not usually on just issues. I don't know that it is entirely scientifically sound, but I liked it anyway. This was an interesting read.

From the subtitle, I expected it to be a bit more humorous, and short. I expected it to deal literally with the ways candidates would manipulate for better or worse their physical appearance.

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Physical appearance made up only 2 of these chapter This was an interesting read. Physical appearance made up only 2 of these chapters, and even then, it was more about how their appearance as it already was affected their campaigns - none could do anything about their height though there were a couple funny anecdotes about shorter candidates who tried to , and none significantly changed their hair for their candidacy, save one notable, and endearing example: view spoiler [Lincoln grew his beard longer prompted by the request of an eleven-year old girl.

Despite it being different than expected, I enjoyed the book. I thought it read a bit too "narrator" in voice - I'm a listener to Ben's podcast, and would've enjoyed it if he imbued it with more of his personality - but it was a pleasant surprise to get a more overall tour through the history of campaigns, rather than just the narrow focus of physical appearance. I also enjoyed some of the chapter titles for each factor: "Suits vs. Boots" for the idea of being an elitist vs.

And Ben didn't just leave it at looking at those 7 factors and then go home - an additional chapter ranks the top 10 presidents and the 5 worst candidates according to these 7 factors with some surprising results , and then he also proceeds to assess potential candidates according to these 7 factors. He didn't miss the mark too much!

But the capstone that really gave some purpose to all this analysis, beyond mere interest, was the final chapter where he asks: does it really matter? Shouldn't we care about policy positions over image and PR in our candidates? And Ben, in succinct and convincing fashion, explains why image matters - and why it should. In a surprising turn, he uses all the forgoing chapters to add weight and drive home his culminating point: to remind us that we are a Republic, and why this means that the character of our representatives matters even more than their policy positions.

And this is where I felt Ben's voice come out - the thing that brings me back to his podcast time and again: his advocacy for and championing of a return to character and virtue in our society.