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And they steal all the White men away from me! The competition among Chinese women over White men is just too fierce. You have no idea how hard I have to work to attract White men. Every day I hate myself and I regret my decisions in life. You have no idea how cruel girls can be to each other. I have a Chinese girlfriend who married a White man and she has given birth to beautiful White children and she says things like "OMG your son is not mixed blood?

Look at my baby. He's mixed — half White and half Asian. Your son is going to grow up to be a little dicked chink man just like his father. My husband and our stupid son are visiting their grandmother in Long Island and won't be back until Tuesday and I have to take care of the restaurant and all the staffs. But I'm so excited right now! Finally, I am going to be fucked by a White man tonight.

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For the first time in my life I felt alive. I understood what it meant to be sexually liberated!

Women's rights

For the entirety of my life up to that point I had been imprisoned by the Asian male patriarchy to feel ashamed of my sexuality. If I wanted to have sex with a White man, those misogynistic Chinese man would say I am a slut and I am a whore, and I was shamed and guilted into becoming an obedient Chinese wife to a worthless chink husband, but tonight, I was emancipated from the shackles of Asian men.

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I was a bitch in heat and they had fucked me to the dog heaven. Even as I went back home, my mind was still on fire thinking about all that happened to me and the more I thought about it the more I felt my heart aching and my pussy was dripping wet yet again!

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And I went into my bedroom's bathroom to inspect my pussy — my husband had already went to bed, he had to get up at 5 in the morning; I had told him the night before that a few friends of mine were going to play mahjong — I saw how badly tortured my pussy had been. My gook pussy had been degraded and destroyed as it was meant to be and when I said those words in my mind I felt so horny yet again and I started to finger myself, and when my finger dug into my own degradation a slew of semen dripped out of my cunt; and then I tried to pee and I felt sharp pain shooting through my vaginal nerves right into my lower stomach and when I lunged for some air I felt liquid in my nostrils and there was semen in my nostrils as well.

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I am such a horny shameless slut. I feel so jealous of those young Asian girls who still go to college. I can only imagine how often they get fucked. I wish I was young again. I wish I could redo my life all over again, and I would have married a White man and be gang banged by all his friends every night.

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I love White men, and I love being the yellow cum dump for White men. It's my destiny. It's my desire. It's every Asian woman's desire.

And it feels so good. I'm a slave for White cock. So what I become pregnant by White men. I have to admit I didn't use condoms. It was pure ecstasy! I love the feeling of a dominant white cock shooting semen inside me, into my vagina. And if I become pregnant, I will be able to have a beautiful mixed child just like all the other Chinese women, and he or she will be so beautiful I'm sure my husband will love it. My White lover actually has another Chinese girlfriend about the same age as he is.

So I am just an another horny dumb Asian cow to be used as his cum dump whenever his other Chinese girlfriend is not available. Not that I look old, but I have just been so tied down with family and job and having a kid. I wish I was carefree like a 19 year old Chinese girl in college so I can date those hot young White studs. At some point I think I need to discontinue this lie. I want a White man. I have money. If I divorce my husband, half of the restaurant business is mine, so I will be quite wealthy.

I need, I want, to be a White man's sex slave, because I'm addicted. I'm sure all Asian women do but they don't like to be honest with their feelings whereas I am perfectly honest. I need a White owner. I need a White man to own me, use me and fuck me. I have a Chinese girlfriend who is happy married to a White man and she is never allowed to wear clothes inside her husband's house, even when their friends show up. One time when her husband was not at home she told us to come over to her house to play mahjong, and then when her husband came home in the middle of it and saw her wearing clothes inside his house, he immediately tore off all her clothes and ordered her to get on her hands and knees and gave her a sound whipping with his belt right there in the living room, in front of me and the other two Chinese women.

And when she couldn't bear the whipping anymore she crawled to his feet, huddled on the floor like a supplicant before the divine, and then wrapped her soft arms around his massive legs like a pitiful creature, sobbing and begging for mercy and all her tears and saliva were drooping on his leather shoes, and we all stood there and watched in silent ecstasy, exchanging furtive amorous glances with one another, knowing deep in our hearts that she deserved such treatment and each one of us was sexually aroused by the dominance of a white god.

I was literally soaking myself as I watched in terror, while another woman Wendy hid her secret smiles in her heart. If the White man had commanded, all three of us would have obediently submitted to his will, to become his sex slaves as he wished. He looked so dominant, so strong and naturally powerful and it is only right that such a naturally, genetically superior godlike man should be worshiped.