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Atuniel : "furnace" - an angel of fire in rabbinic angelology; also, one of the angels belonging to the order of virtues. Azael : "Whom God strengthens" - in the chronicles of Enoch he was a ministering angel in Heaven.

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Azrael : "an angel whose name is found inscribed on the 5th pentacle of the moon. Bachanoe [or Bachanael] : in occultism, an Angel of the first heaven and a ruler of Monday. Bachiel [Baciel] : one of the Angels of the air serving in the fourth heaven and invoked from the east. He is also identified as one of the spirits of Saturn. Considered on of the Angelic guards of the West Wind. Badpatiel : an Angel's name fond inscribed on an oriental Hebrew charm [ kamea ] for warding off evil.

Hyde, Historia Religionis Veterum Persarum. Baraborat : in occult lore, a spirit of the planet Mercury.

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He is a Wednesday Angel, resident either in the second or third heaven, and invoked from the East. Baradiel : one of the 7 great archangels, a prince of the 3rd Heaven, where Baradiel shares rulership with the angel Shapiel. Barakiel : "lightening of God" - one of the 4 ruling seraphim and angel of the month of February. Barbiel : the angel of October, and the angel of Scorpio.

Mountain Angel

He is also a prince of the archangels, and a prince or the Virtues. Barman : in ancient Persian cosmology, a great mihr angel placed over all the animals on earth except man. Baruch : name translates to: "God Blesses. In the occult he is considered a demon. In the Hierarchy he is considered a Cherubim. Behemiel : an Angel with dominion over tame beasts. Behemiel is Chief of the order of hashmallim, an order equated with that of the cherubim. Buhair : in Mandaen lore, one of the 10 uthri angels that accompany the sun on its daily course.

Cabriel : This Angel has dominion over the sign of Aquarius. He is one of the six Angels placed over the four parts of Heaven. Calliel : one of the throne angels serving in the 2nd Heaven, invoked to bring prompt help against adversity. Camael : Camael's name translates to "He who sees God.

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He is the ruler of the planet Mars as well as one of the governing Angels of the seven planets. Camael in Druid mythology was the "God of War". He is one of the seven angels "which stands in the presence of God". In some writings [legends] it says that Moses destroyed this great [Arch] Angel for trying to prevent the Lawgiver from receiving the Torah at the hand of God. Some art depicts Camael as the angel who wrestled with Jacob and also the angel who appeared to Jesus during his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane to strengthen Him.

In Cabalistic lore, he is considered one of the ten archangels. In magick, when Camael is invoked it is said that he appears in the guise of a leopard crouched on a rock. Cerviel : chief of the order of principalities, a post shared with Haniel, Nixroc, and others. Chalkydri : a variation of the name Kalkydra. The Kalkydra sing praises to God when the sun rises.

Cerubiel : Kerubiel eponymous chief of the order of the cherubim. Gabriel is also regarded as the chief of this order. Chosniel : "cover" - in Mosaic incantation rites, an angel invoked for the conferring of good memory and open heart. Cunialli : the genius [spirit] of associations and one of the governing genii of the 8th hour.

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Cureton : "a holy angel of God" invoked black magical conjurations, as described in the grimoiries. Daath : "knowledge" - in the cabalistic system of divine emanations, Dath combines the 2nd and 3rd sefiroth. Dabria : one of the 5 "men actually angels who transcribed the or 94 books dictated by Ezra. Daeva : Deva - in early Persian mythology, the daevas were evil spirits created by Ahriman; but in Hinduism they were divine and benevolent spirits.

Dakini : in Buddhism, God's energy is manifested in the form of a dakini.

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  • A dakini resides within each Bodhisattva, who in turn carries out angelic functions. Daksha : One of the Adityas of Vedic beliefs. Adityas are seven angels who reflect God's brilliant light and glory. Daveithe : in gnosticism, one of the 4 great luminaries surrounding the Self-Begotten i. Demiurge : according to Judaic lore, the Demiurge is the creator of the universe. In his works, Plato named the Demiurge as the deity who fashions the material world.

    Deva : a type of nature spirit. The devas are the architects of the physical realm.

    They hold the blueprints to all earthly creation. Everything that is manifested in the physical realm is watched over by a deva. Devotion : one of the Amesha Spentas archangels of Zoroastrianism. She is also called Armaiti. Dolphins : dolphins are called angels of the sea.

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    Some believe that dolphins have a connection to the angels and a message for humankind. Domiel : in Merkabah mysticism, a guardian angel of the 6th hall of the 7th Heaven. He is a archon. Douth : one of the 9 angels that "run together throughout the heavenly and earthly places. Duma h : previous guardian angel of Egypt. Dynamis : one of the 7 aeons who, as is said of Pistis Sophia, procreated the superior angels. Egoroi : a variation of the name Grigori. The Grigori were a class of angels assigned to watch over mankind. Elim : the guardian angel of Libbeus the Apostle.

    The term elim also denotes a high order of angels along with the orders of erelim and tafsarim. Enwo : in Mandaean lore, a spirit of one of the 7 planets; specifically he is the uthra angel of science and wisdom to be compared with Raphael in Judaeo-Christian angelology.

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    Ephemerae : angels that lived only for a day or less, expiring right after they finished chanting the Te Deum. Ercle : an Etruscan angel who belonged to the group of angels called the Novensiles. The Novensiles ruled over thunderbolts. Erel l im : "the valiant ones" - also called ishim; an order of angels in the celestial hierarchy equated with the order of thrones.


    Eth : "time" - an angelic power, a ministering angel, charged with seeing to it that "all events occur at their appointed time. Exousia : the Greek term for the angelic order translated variously as power, authority, virtue, in the New Testament. Ezriel : an angel's name found inscribed in an Aramaic amulet discovered among the recent Dead Sea scrolls.