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Find out more about the types of organisations we work with in our privacy policy. Sam Hailes considers the place of moral character when choosing With the new Prime Minister set to be given the keys to Downing Tania Harris has learnt to have her own God conversations rather Deron Spoo shares four tips for Bible reading that have grown Pepsi's latest advert has caused a Twitter storm. Andrew Hamilton-Thomas Better known for gangsta rap lyrics about drugs and sex, Snoop Churches are not buildings, and the buildings are almost unnecessary A church is the people; a particular group that has come together to form a family despite often having zero things in common.

You will never encounter deeper diversity than you do in the global church You may be able to think of some community that is more diverse than the church, but I doubt it.

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Most of your deepest moral instincts come from the Bible The instincts we think are either common sense, or part of the very fabric of nature, such as equality, human rights, justice — all of these and many more have been embedded in our culture from centuries of exposure to the Bible. About this blog. Opinions on the latest trends, topics, news and culture from a Christian perspective.

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... but My Doubts Are Way Too Noisy to be Silenced

Get this month's issue free Click here to request this month's issue, free of charge. Where am I going? And some of them admitted they guessed. And it is only as you get to know God you will discover His five purposes for your life. We came from the goo through the zoo to you over billions of years.

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It creates a lot of our sociological problems and a lot of our self-esteem issues. But the truth is, you are not an accident. You were created by a loving God who loves you and designed you with intricate detail in your life. But because there is a God, and He had a specific purpose in mind when He created you, you do matter. You matter because God created you. Bring me my credentials. Bring me my certificates so I can look one more time at my grade point average. Personal relationships to God and to other people are the most important thing in life.

Well, first I believe in hell because Jesus talked about it.

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In fact, Jesus talked more about hell then He did heaven. He said it is a real place and it is a place of eternal torment. And I believe Jesus knows more about it than either you or I. But second, I believe in hell because logic and fairness demand it. Think of all the atrocities and evil that have been done throughout history by evildoers in this world. For God to allow those crimes to go unpunished would mean that God is not worthy of our worship and love.

Why would a loving God send anyone to hell? We choose to go there when we reject the love of God. Imagine I were to say to you, "On my right is a door heading to heaven, and on my left is a door heading to hell. In fact, the Bible tells us that God does almost everything — well everything possible — to keep us out of hell. He wants to set us free. He wants to give us forgiveness. God made us in His image and He gave us the ultimate power to say yes or no.

If we choose to reject God here on earth, then we, at the same time, are choosing to spend eternity separated from Him. You see, there are only two kinds of people in the world. In fact, Jesus Christ has made it possible for you to go to heaven. What hit home for you in this article?

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  • We ask for gender and age to assign you the appropriate mentor. The same God who created the stars and turns the colors of the leaves in Fall, created you.

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    You are His masterpiece and He loves you. God created God created us for life to the fullest. Never hurting others or being hurt. To enjoy the Search Site Menu. This was a popular position before the First World War and its large-scale examples of human suffering rejiggered much of our Western confidence in the future. Nonetheless, there are many streams of apocalyptic thought which still carry some of this end times optimism.

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    5. When people encounter Jesus, everything changes.

    At this point in the tour we usually now present the seemingly sane brother of these two theories, A millennialism. There is no millennium in this schema, or rather, it is a very different kind of millennium.

    While there are no literal thousand years, this position sees more allegory and story-telling in the Apocalyptic parts of the Bible. This tradition has the endorsement of St. Augustine and other church fathers and can save us all the embarrassment when it comes to whores and Armageddon and lakes of sulfur. But rather than present this as just one more position to choose from, let me suggest an easier route. Condemn yourself to die with a completely shallow and basic understanding of the End Times.

    Rumor has it, there are no questions about it on the final exam. I will follow the simplicity of the Apostles Creed and confess that Jesus will come again to judge the quick and the dead, and lead us—fully resurrected—into life everlasting.